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Allison Maslan, the Business Owner's Mentor who has built 10 successful companies, is changing the face of entrepreneurship today! Allison started out as a single mom, and grew each company on her own, without funding, to create millions and help thousands of people completely transform their lives. She has been featured expert on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox stations nationwide and in the recent issue of Success Magazine. She walks her talk. Now you can take the wisdom she has to share and immediately turn it into a thriving business for yourself!

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  • Expertise Success Tools

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    Experts that Allison will personally interview to give you insider Success Secrets and very tangible How To's. (Value $150 a month)

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Never before has their been a time like 2014 where you can literally create a Limitless Revenue and a Freedom-Filled Life.

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"You can make owning a business fun, full of passion and freedom. It's time that you reap rewards for all of your hard work and ingenuity. I've done it 10 times over and I want to show you how."

Can you relate to this:

  • You have great ideas, but like many business owners, you are all over the place getting distracted constantly, and never getting your biggest brainstorms realized.
  • Your work embodies your passion - and your bank account is growing, but it needs to be growing at a much faster and higher rate.
  • You are stretched to the max and even if you had the best ideas, you have no time to make them happen.
  • You love what you do - but right now, it's not reflecting all the hard work, time and energy you are giving it.
  • You are so ready to breakthrough to a much higher level in your business financially, professionally and in your home life, but you just keep spinning at the same level.

Who is Allison Maslan and why is she the one to guide you?

I can relate to you on every level. I started at the bottom with nothing and worked my way to the top and I have done it over and over again in all different industries.

My story:

I was on the fast track to success by age 19 and built a national advertising ad firm by the time I was 25 with clients such as Ben and Jerrys, Supercuts, Charlotte Russe and more... I was working night and day to create ad campaigns for my big clients while also taking care of my young daughter. I was making a great income, but I was totally exhausted, empty and miserable inside.

My life was completely out of balance and my business was literally running me into the ground until, I had a shocking accident that stopped me in my tracks. This was my big life wake-up call and since then, I never looked back.

I walked away from it all, the business, the marriage, the money. Then I rewrote my formula for success, went onto build 9 more wildly successful companies from the ground up that have been completely energizing and fulfilling, raised a beautiful daughter and married the love of my life and travel the world.

Fast forward to present day:

  • I have built 10 successful businesses.

  • I run a very successful mentoring business.

  • I wrote #1 international bestselling book.

  • I developed a bestselling software program.

  • I was named one of the Top Women Entrepreneurs by Self-Made Magazine have been featured on most major news shows and Success Magazine.

  • I am widely regarded as a go-to expert on business transformation.

  • AND... I guide business owners TO THE TOP!

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What Allison's clients have to say:

She helped me find the clarity to take the leap!
"When I went to see Allison, I was, like many people, stuck and unfulfilled in my career. Allison helped me sort myself out and see my potential. She helped me find the clarity and the guts to take the leap. Thank goodness she did! Since then I've produced my own national series television show on Discovery Health, have won 12 Emmy's and I just published my third book."

Sam Zien, The Cooking Guy, Television Personality/Chef

I billed 6 times more than I did the same time last year!
"Allison is an amazing spirit and a very savvy business woman. She's run so many companies that she founded from the ground up. I really wanted a coach who had this entrepreneurial spirit and knows how to get things done. She's also mentally dynamic, which is very important to me. She helps me say yes to myself and pushes me further. Since working with Allison, when I checked this month's invoices, I billed 6 times as much as I did the same time last year!"

Stephanie Gunning, Stephanie Gunning Enterprises LLC / President

I have more than doubled my sales from last year!
"I've been in business for 20 years. Since working with Allison, I have hit my financial goal every single month and I have more than doubled my sales from last year. I did not know I had it in me!"

Robin Richter, President, Wearable Imaging, Inc

My revenue has increased 289%
"Since working with Allison, my revenue this year compared to last has had an increase of 289% in one of my businesses, while the service part that part of my business has also increased 99%. Working with Allison has made a huge difference in my business management. It's really working."

Wenndi Freer, President, Engage The Flow

My Business took a nice, profitable leap!
I hired Allison in 2012 to do 2 things: 1.) Help take my 6 figure health & wellness business to the next level AND 2.) to create an additional business and revenue source that tied in with my existing business. Last year, my business took a nice profitable leap and so I hired Allison for an additional year! Allison is extremely gifted at seeing where "money is being left on the table", and she knows how to pull one's gifts, talents, dreams, and goals all together to create an amazing life AND ROI. Working with Allison Maslan and for 16 months is one of the BEST investments I've ever made in my business!

Gina Ruby, Certified Health & Wellness Coach Life Strategist

Small Business is changing the face of our economy and our society.
Join Allison Maslan and her E-Revolution and change the way you do business and the way you live your life for more clarity, peace of mind and happiness doing what you love to do on a daily basis!

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